[2020] How to use the latest mobile wifi hotspot

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[2020] How to use the latest mobile wifi hotspot:

How to use the  latest mobile WiFi hotspot 2020  or  Mobile WiFi Hotspot  is a smart electronic device that allows users to automatically connect to the internet anytime, anywhere. With a lightweight, convenient design, bulky wireless power, the mobile WiFi transmitter is increasingly used, helping users to work comfortably, without worrying about internet interruption.

What is a portable WiFi transmitter?

This is a high speed internet transmission tool for electronic devices: Laptop,  smartphone , ipad,  television , …
WiFi transmitters use 3G / 4G sim cards of operators  Mobifone, Viettel, Vinaphone , … to generate signals. So you can easily access   high-speed internet just through a compact portable WiFi transmitter.
Mobile WiFi Transmitter
Mobile WiFi Transmitter

Advantages of portable WiFi transmitter:

Possessing superior features over fixed WiFi transmitters ( WiFi routers ), portable WiFi transmitters have important advantages as follows:
  • The WiFi hotspot works by using a 3G / 4G sim so wherever you are, users can connect to the internet, especially in the case of long-distance travel. However, the transmitter only works continuously for a maximum of 10 hours, after which it must be removed for charging and continued use.
  • The device is lightweight, pocket-sized to carry anywhere, extremely convenient.
  • Support surprisingly fast internet connection.
  • Share internet connection of 10 devices at the same time.
  • Manage mobile WiFi transmitters via applications (applications) connected to user devices.
Mobile WiFi Transmitter 2020
Mobile WiFi Transmitter 2020

Classification mobile WiFi transmitter

Based on the structure, portable WiFi transmitters are divided into 3 main types as follows:
  • USB WiFi 3G/ 4G
  • WiFi 3G / 4G transmitter
  • Router WiFi 3G/ 4G

USB WiFi 3G/ 4G

With the same design as a regular USB, 3G / 4G USB WiFi has been installed sim of the network that can plug directly into the device that needs internet connection.
USB is affordable and compact design so many students and students favor. However, 3G / 4G USB WiFi only works when there is a power supply, not automatically working like other WiFi transmitters.
USB WiFi 3G 4G
USB WiFi 3G 4G

WiFi 3G / 4G transmitter

The 3G / 4G WiFi transmitter has a compact design, so it’s easy to carry around for use. It works independently of the power supply, fully charged by the battery.
A transmitter will work continuously for about 10 hours is the maximum, the ability to broadcast and broad coverage. Therefore, 3G / 4G WiFi transmitter on the market often has higher price than USB WiFi 3G / 4G.
KB WiFi Transmitter 3g 4g
KB WiFi Transmitter 3g 4g

Router WiFi 3G/ 4G

Called 3G / 4G WiFi Router, the device’s design is like a router, with the ability to transmit network data for both wireless and wired connections flexibly, depending on the needs of each user. . Therefore, the device must be powered by a power source, mobility is not as high as the 2 types above.
Router WiFi 3G 4G
Router WiFi 3G 4G
Among the two types of 3G and 4G sim cards, the current 4G technology is more commonly used, meeting the increasing demands of consumers. The 4G WiFi Transmitter is a combination of 4G technology and WiFi technology.
If you want to use 4G WiFi, you need to install a compatible 4G SIM card. The 4G WiFi transmitter includes 2 types: battery and wireless, in which the most popular products are TP Link 4G WiFi transmitter, TP Link M7350 Wifi transmitter, TP Link M7200 Wifi transmitter.
TP-Link WiFi Transmitter
TP-Link WiFi Transmitter

How to use a portable WiFi transmitter

To install and use the portable WiFi transmitter, you should follow the steps in the instructions to use the portable WiFi transmitter below:
  • Step 1 : Remove the cover of the transmitter, insert the 3G or 4G sim card registered with the network operator. Save the WiFi ID and password printed on the inside of the cellphone cover.
  • Step 2 : Charge the battery for a portable WiFi transmitter.
  • Step 3 : When the battery is full, press the power button to start the playback. The green indicator light indicates that the portable WiFi transmitter is working normally, no problem.
  • Step 4 : Connect your phone device or laptop to the transmitter’s WiFi to see how.
  • Step 5 : Access to the network administrator account, proceed to reset the network configuration, change the WiFi ID and password as you like.
  • Step 6 : Reconnect WiFi according to the new password,
best Mobile WiFi Transmitter
best Mobile WiFi Transmitter

The best 3G / 4G mobile WiFi hotspot available today

The brands offering the best 3g / 4g wifi transmitter on the Vietnamese market are quite numerous, both domestically and abroad. In particular, the following companies must be mentioned:

TP-Link 3G / 4G wifi transmitter

TP-Link is very popular in the market and famous for many 3G / 4G mobile WiFi transmitters. This is a brand providing network equipment from China. TP-Link products are diversified in designs and designs with high speed internet access and stable connection.
TP-Link portable WiFi transmitter is made of durable, impact-resistant and heat-resistant material. Most have compact design, convenient, easy to carry out to use. The battery capacity is stable and can work for a long time. TP-Link WiFi transmitters are diverse in price, suitable for different customer segments.
TP-Link1200 Portable WiFi Transmitter
TP-Link1200 Portable WiFi Transmitter

3G / 4G Tenda wifi transmitter

Coming from China, Tenda is a leading provider of networking equipment in the world for quality and durability. Tenda Mobile WiFi Transmitter supports many new features, modern technology to meet all needs from customers.
Besides, Tenda WiFi products have many beautiful designs, strong broadcast ability, easily compatible with many electronic devices such as laptops, ipads, mobile phones, … Moreover, data security Data and easy to set up management thanks to the app. Tenda portable Wifi transmitter is usually affordable and mid-range.
Tenda Portable WiFi Hotspot
Tenda Portable WiFi Hotspot

Wifi tRANSMITTER 3G / 4G Xiaomi

Xiaomi – China has just appeared in Vietnam market but it is gradually gaining popularity. Xiaomi Mobile WiFi Transmitter has the advantages:
  • Very good WiFi playback. High speed and stable transmission line.
  • Products integrated with many features, very modern and managed by Xiaomi’s own application.
  • Xiaomi Mobile WiFi Transmitter is highly rated for its quality, durability and impact resistance. Therefore increasingly popular.
  • Moreover, the product has a beautiful design at a competitive price.
Xiaomi Mobile Wifi Transmitter
Xiaomi Mobile Wifi Transmitter

Huawei 3G / 4G wifi transmitter

Huawei – China’s network equipment supplier is quite famous in Vietnam market, owns high-quality WiFi transmitters. Huawei Mobile WiFi Transmitter is durable, the ability to share WiFi at a stable level, ensuring the connection is secure.
Most of Huawei’s mobile Wi-Fi enabled product lines have compact designs, stylish designs, fresh colors and eye-catching. Therefore, it is loved by many young people.
Huawei Portable Wifi Transmitter
Huawei Portable Wifi Transmitter

Wifi hotspot 3G / 4G Viettel

A brand from Vietnam, Viettel Mobile Wifi is also a provider of 3G sim cards. 4G is very popular and popular. Because of the ease of use, the variety of configurations, designs and other support features.
Viettle 3G / 4G Mobile Wifi hotspot supports high-speed internet connection, whether you travel or work in a remote location.
3G 4G Mobile WiFi Transmitter Viettel
3G  4G Mobile WiFi Transmitter Viettel

Address to buy 3G / 4G mobile WiFi transmitter

The need to use WiFi to connect to the internet to serve the needs for work, play and entertainment has increased, resulting in the supply of mobile WiFi transmitters. Besides prestigious brands, there are many other small manufacturing brands that offer this product.

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