Best Tips for How To use the mobile hard drive properly

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Best Tips for How To use the mobile hard drive properly:

Portable hard drives, or external hard drives, have become a familiar device for users. A lot of people choose portable hard drives as a secure data backup solution. Here we guide you how to use the mobile hard drive properly , to avoid hard drive failure or data loss.
How To use the mobile hard drive properly 2020
How To use the mobile hard drive properly 2020
A portable hard drive is actually similar to a regular hard drive, but it is not attached directly to the computer, but is connected via a cable. 
Due to its design to accommodate high mobility, portable hard drives are usually more compact than usual, and there is a sturdy protective box to limit the amount of external force. 
Due to the increasing demand for storage, and you can work without necessarily having to bring a computer, the mobile hard drive was born to meet those needs.
Understand the importance of an external hard drive, but not everyone knows how to use it properly to optimize the life of a hard drive. Here are some tips to help you use your mobile hard drive properly .
How To use the mobile hard drive properly
How To use the mobile hard drive properly

1. Choose the correct connection port

Using the mobile hard drive properly The first thing to keep in mind when choosing to buy a mobile hard drive is to choose the right connector type for your computer. If not, no matter how great, the hard drive has to “lie still in the corner” because it can not connect, meaning that it can not perform any operations hungry with the hard drive.

2. Use the correct cable

Expert advice for you is that using genuine cables is always better for your portable hard drive. Do not use other cables even though it fits the connector.

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3. Use removable hard drives properly by restricting direct plugging.

When using a mobile hard drive, it is recommended to attach the hard drive to the computer first and then start the computer, limiting plugging in directly when the machine is running. This is a bit cumbersome, but helps prevent risks such as electric shock damage to the hard drive and data loss.

4. Disconnect properly

When you’re done, absolutely do not unplug the hard drive suddenly, select Safely Remove Hardware mode and then remove the cable to ensure the safety of your data.

5. Limit impact force

No matter how good a shock-proof design, the mobile hard drive is more or less affected. So hard drives should not be hit hard. Hard drive crashing is the leading cause of hard drive failure , especially when it is in an active state. Be sure to place it on a flat surface, easy to see or there are few people walking around, because just a swipe of the hand can cause risks.

6. Not arbitrarily intervening in case of incidents

If unfortunately your hard drive has a problem and no longer work normally, do not arbitrarily intervene if you do not really understand. Because maybe you will make the situation worse, the recovery of data  will then be more difficult if the hard drive is badly damaged. 
It is best to go to the reputable hard drive repair address to “cure” the hard drive or to the professional data rescue center to recover  lost hard drive data .

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