Elite Stress Test or Our Benefit from Covid-19 Psychosis

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Elite Stress Test or Our Benefit from Covid-19 Psychosis

The ruling elite must first and foremost manage its psyche. Let’s look for those who, in a situation of mental pressure, have not lost their clarity of thinking – these are our brothers and sisters.

Benefit from Covid-19
Benefit from Covid-19

“ Good governance depends not so much on the laws, but on the personal qualities of the governing. The control mechanism is always subject to the will of those who control the mechanism. So the most important element of management is the method of selecting leaders »
(Frank Herbert, Dune).Benefit from Covid-19
Before trusting a person with a responsible matter, it must be tried. ” The test is a crisis and an observation, ” wrote Frank Herbert. Crisis – for those we are testing, observation – for those engaged in “recruitment”.

It’s a kind of school exam. However, the examiner knows that he is being tested and can hide his true qualities. Therefore, the best test is when the examiner does not even know it, and therefore acts naturally without pretending to be someone else.

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The current global crisis is a rapid transition to a new world order. The sprouts of post-industrial civilization sprout through the asphalt of the industrial formation. As always, a key element of the transition is the new elite. The current global psychosis is a means of identifying and selecting the governing elite of a new cycle – the cycle of free nations.  

The new national elite is bound to govern its people – just as the head governs its body. She must do this without asking anyone for permission, because managing a people’s body is her natural duty. But in order to perform this function, the elite must first and foremost manage its psyche . So let’s look at those who, in the situation of artificially created mental pressure, have not lost their clarity of thinking – these are our brothers and sisters. There are not many of them, but only big things can be done with them.

These are the gospel NEIGHBORS who need to be loved “as themselves.” Such should be introduced. They need to be supported. They must be united for the great deeds of the Golden Era. All others must be kept at a distance, because the fright in the eyes and face masks do not indicate either the mind or the ability to think independently. These are people who have “broken” the psyche of a fictitious panic, and this can be repeated in the future, at the most crucial moment.    

Finding my relatives, spiritually close at all times was a great challenge. It usually takes a lot of effort and time to find them. Now we get it all for free, quickly and reliably.

This is the main benefit of the current crisis, as the organized elite is the main driver of any transformation.
Let’s be happy!

I will add that the current crisis, heightened by fear of a fictional epidemic, has many other benefits. Some are already obvious, others will manifest themselves later. Including:

– development of remote methods of work, increase of interaction efficiency;
– development of distance education and self-education tools;
– development of online stores and goods delivery services;
– development of volunteer projects and economy of giving;
– accelerated isolation from Russia;
– spreading a healthy lifestyle;
– formation of direct city-village links, producer-consumer;
– development of local businesses operating on local resources for local consumers;
– social restructuring, formation of business and spiritual communities ( demos ) with elements of neo-natural economy;
– development of space outside metropolitan areas;
– development of small aviation;
– discrediting the existing socio-political system;
– the birth of a new ideological and religious system;
– the birth of new socio-political movements;
– formation of a new type of state;
– release from parasitic processes, abrupt productivity gains.
We monitor local and global processes, study others’ experiences, create our own.

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