How To Keep Safe Google Adsense From Banned

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How To Keep Safe Google Adsense From Banned 

Yo all, continue the series on Google Adsense study guides . This time I will discuss about how to keep safe google adsense. so that it is not banned. As you know, Google uses proprietary systems  that are very sophisticated to detect cheats that occur when you play Adsense. If you have successfully accepted into one of the Google Adsense users . So the next step is to keep your Google Adsense long-lasting, have a good reputation, so you can avoid being banned by Google Adsense. 

How to Safely Play Google Adsense

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The following are tips and tricks to play safe Google Adsense which I summarized from my experience playing Adsense for 7 years or more 🙂

Don’t change the Adsense code

If you have already gotten an Adsense code that can be installed, never try to edit or modify it. Google can detect this and can directly banned your Google Adsense account.
Don’t insert spyware

Make sure your website is free of viruses, and don’t paste spyware code on your website / blog. Do not also install adware that makes visitors install malware programs when visiting your website.
Don’t show lots of pop-ups

Yup we all know that pop ups that often appear and cover pages are very annoying and make site navigation unclear. Therefore, do not install pop-ups on your website.
Don’t click on your own Adsense ads.
This is one of the most fatal ways, and is mostly done by Adsense players, especially beginners. Do not click on the ads themselves, and also  do not ask other people, family, or friends to click on your ad . Even if it’s just once, for testing or time you are just fun. You are also prohibited from displaying images or labels that invite visitors to click on your Adsense ads, examples like “Please click on the ads on my site to help pay for hosting”, and the like.
Avoid increasing traffic with bots / software / traffic exchange
Do not go into a traffic exchange program that tells users to click on each other / visit their website so that traffic rises. Do not also use software / bots to increase traffic. Let your traffic come alone from  search engines or  social media , it’s safer and better for the long term.
If you often do these things, then in the long run it will definitely be detected by Google with its proprietary sophisticated  system . What is meant by  proprietary  here is Google is keeping the methods or techniques used to detect fraud when playing Google Adsense, so no one knows. If Google sees you doing these things, chances are that your Adsense account will be permanently banned. And your hard work all this time will be in vain. 🙂
I myself have heard several stories from my friends whose Adsense accounts are banned. Things they have ever done such as visiting many internet cafes in their city to click on their own ads, or having family / friends who live abroad and asking them to routinely click on ads on their website. And what happens, everything sooner or later  gets banned by Google Adsense .
But the good news, Google Adsense now does not necessarily play banned without notice like in the early days I played Google Adsense first (in 2008-2009) :). Usually they will first send a warning / warning that there is a problem on your website or Adsense account, and you will be told to fix it.
 If it has been fixed, the problem will be checked again by Google whether it is reallyixed or something is still missing. But it seems the impact of this is that registering Google Adsense becomes more difficult to accept, because Google will really select strictly at the beginning of the websites that will be accepted into the Google Adsense program .
In conclusion, follow the rules in the  Adsense Program Policies .
Read the  Adsense Program Policies , understand and follow the rules while continuing to build your website. If you abide by the rules in the  Adsense Program Policies , and you work hard , then one day Google will definitely give a reward for all that. 
Continue to work hard to create high-quality, high-value content. After that, you only need to think about what you will use the money from Google Adsense. 🙂

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