Latest Computer Tricks and Tips in 2020

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Latest Computer Tricks and Tips in 2020

So Guys has brought some very cool computer / laptop tricks and tips for you today , so to know them, read this post till the last.

Latest Computer Tricks and Tips in 2020
 Latest Computer Tricks and Tips in 2020

Introduction: –

Guys If you are a regular computer / laptop user or you are a computer student or teacher then you must know Latest Computer Tricks and Tips in 2020 because these tricks and tips will make the experience of using your computer quite good. So Let’s Start,

Computer / laptop tricks and tips 2020: –

(1) Cloud Clipboard: –

Guys you must have noticed that whenever you copy any file or text in your computer and after that if you copy any other file or text without pasting it, then the old file or text you copied It gets deleted and the new file or text is copied and you cannot paste the old file that you copied, then cloud clipboard to solve it Defense can use in this trick you multiple file paste the copied data can be. So to use this trick, you have to follow these steps

How To Use Cloud Clipboard: –

Step 1: – Go To Setting 
Step 2: – Search Clip Board 
Step 3: – You see Clip Board History then ON it. Done Now, For Check Copied Data Press Windows + V Enjoy .

(2) Dynamic lock: –

Guys if you do anything on your computer and if you walk away from your computer for some reason and you want to be able to see or use your computer’s personal data, then you can use dynamic lock. is. This will mean that whenever you go away from your computer, your computer will automatically lock. In this, you can connect your computer to your mobile. To use it, just follow these steps. Windows 10 only.

How To Enable Dynamic Lock: –

Step 1: – Open Setting 
Step 2: – Click on Accounts then, 
Step 3: – Sign In then, 
Step 4: – Dynamic Lock Allow It ON then, 
Step 5: – Select Bluetooth and Connect. Enjoy.

(3) Command prompt tricks: –

Guys If you use the command prompt and you want to make the experience of the command prompt better, then this trick is for you. To use it, follow these steps.

How To Make Transparent Command Prompt: –

Step 1: – Search Command Prompt then, 
Step 2: – Right Click on it Then,
 Step 3: – Select Properties then, 
Step 4: – Select Opacity then 
Step 5: –  see the Magic Transparent Command Prompt.

(4) Quick Access of Favorite Applications and Software: –

So friends, everyone knows about this trick but very few people do it, so today I will tell you that you can make shortcuts to your favorite application or software and use it quickly.

How To create Shortcut  Software / Application: –

  • Step 1: –

Right Click on Your  Software / Application then,

  • Step 2: –

Select “Open File Location” then,

  • Step 3: –

Right Click on That Software / Application then,

  • Step 4: –

Select “Property” then,

  • Step 5: –

Select “Shortcut Key” then,

  • Step 6: –

Customize Your  Key That Easy For You To Access Your selected Software

Like Example: –

Control + Alt + E then,

Step 7: –

Press “Apply”

Done Enjoy.

(5) Trick to boost computer speed: –

Guys you must have noticed that without internet connection your computer runs very smooth and fast but whenever you connect internet to your computer your computer starts to work slow and also your net becomes slow.

 So if you want to improve it then follow these steps. 

Step 1: – Press Windows Key then 
Step 2: – Search “Windows Update” then, 
Step 3: – Select “Windows Update” then, 
Step 4: – Select “Advanced Option” then,
 Step 5: – Turn OFF it. Now use your computer it work smoothly.

(6) How To check Mobile’s Notification On Computer Screen: –

So with the help of this trick, you can see your mobile notifications on your computer. It is also called Virtual Assistant of Microsoft, this trick only works in Windows 10. For this, you have to download Cortana App in your mobile and use the same ID in mobile and computer. And you will be able to easily see your mobile notifications on your computer.

Computer Tips and Tricks  (FAQs): –

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Conclusion: –

Hello Friends We have told you some important and interesting tricks in today’s post, which will be very useful for you. And with their help, you will be able to improve your computer knowledge even more. Thank-you For Read This Post – Hossain Rahi

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