Top 10 Best Advertising Network for Website or Blog

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Top 10 Best Advertising Network for Website or Blog

10 Best Advertising Networks (Small Publishers) for Indian Traffic – Best CPM Rates. You simply cannot make big money with a small blog, especially if you are getting traffic from India or other Asian countries. Except for some good ad networks such as Adsense, all advertising companies pay the worst CPM / PPC rates for traffic from Asian countries. If you are a small publisher and want to earn good money from your blog, there are 2 ways.
Top 10 Best Advertising Network for Website or Blog
Top 10 Best Advertising Network for Website or Blog
  • Have your Adsense or account approved
  • Be prepared to annoy your audience by displaying pop ups and pops under advertisements
There are so many advertising networks out there and it is really hard to find out. Keeping in mind the minimum traffic requirement and good CPM / PPC / CTR, I have compiled a list of the best advertising networks for Indian / Asian traffic small publishers.
Even if you are approved with Adsense, you should join other networks because you will never know when Google will terminate your Adsense account and you need another approved ad network as a backup plan. Can.
1. Google AdSense
Adsense is undoubtedly the best advertising network I have ever used. Even Adsense was a major reason that I started blogging. Weather you have started blogging or you have an old blog, Adsense performs best when it comes to monetizing the blog. Founded in 2003 with millions of publishers, Google Adsense can be considered the world’s largest and best online advertising network. It works for both CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per click) ads, which means you get paid even if your users are not clicking on ads.
Good about Adsense –
  • Multiple ad types: display ads, text ads, rich media ads, link units, responsive ads, and matched content
  • High Payout – According to my experience, no ad network can beat Adsense CPM rates. It shares 68% of revenue with publishers.
  • No Minimum Traffic Requirement – You do not need a lot of traffic to apply for AdSense.
  • Relevant and high-quality ads – Ads show relevant ads so your visitors are more likely to find ads relevant and click on ads.
Bad about Adsense –
  • Getting approval is tough – getting approved with AdSense has never been easier. There are many policies and guidelines to follow your website.
  • Poor customer service
  • Easy to restrict – You must maintain the required quality. If they find that your blog is violating their policies at any time, they can ban your account.
  • High minimum payment – it may take months to reach the minimum withdrawal limit ie $ 100
I resolved the “site does not comply with Google policies” problem when my application was being rejected repeatedly.
Traffic Requirements and Withdrawals
  • Minimum payment: $ 100
  • Payment Term: Net-30
  • Payment methods: Electronic Funds Transfer, Check, Western Union, Wire Transfer
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement – None
After Google Adsense, is the best and largest relevant advertising network operated by Yahoo and Bing. If you are not getting approved by Adsense, then you should go for My blog was accepted on the second try. It is a little easier to get approved by than Adsense. All you need is a blog with quality content and good design. Many big publishers such as Forbes, NY Times are using ads. If you are searching for Best Adsense Alternate, then apply for
Good about
  • Different ad types: contextual ads, display ads, desktop interstitial ads, mobile docked ads, in-content ads
  • No minimum traffic requirements – Your blog does not require a lot of visitors to be approved by
  • Real Time Reporting – You can check how ads are performing with real time reporting in your account dashboard.
  • Good customer support
  • Contextual advertising with high payouts – gives good RPM (thousand per impression rate).

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Bad about

  • Some ads require double click
  • High minimum payment

Traffic Requirements and Withdrawals

  • Minimum Payment Threshold: $ 100
  • Payment Term: Net-30
  • Payment method: PayPal and wire transfer.
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement – None
3. PopAds
Founded in 2010, the amazingly popular PopAds advertising network offers pop ups and pops exclusively under advertisements. It is one of the best advertising networks for a small publisher and it is very easy to get approval. After submitting, their team will review your blog in 24 hours. PopAds is a CPV (cost per view) ad network and you get paid even if your visitors don’t click on ads. The good thing is that you can withdraw your money as soon as you reach $ 5 and payment is usually made quickly in a few hours. If you want to see some money in your account from day one then start using PopAds.
Good about PopAds
  • Best CPM and CPV Rates – If I compare with other ad networks, PopAds makes a lot more money per 1000 ad views.
  • Lower Minimum Payout and Automatic Transfer – As soon as you reach the minimum payment ie $ 5, PopAds sends your money.
  • No minimum traffic requirement and accept all types of websites
  • Real time reporting
Bad about popads
Annoying and non-relevant ads
Traffic requirements and clearance ( Traffic Requirements And Withdrawal)

Top 10 Best Advertising Network for Website or Blog,Top 10 Best Advertising Network for Website or Blog,

t has not been approved. In fact, it was the first advertising network I was paid for. If you don’t mind harassing your readers with pop ups and pops under the ad, it can match AdSense in term of revenue. Do not judge it in the first 2-3 days. It takes very little time to offer relevant and customized advertisements.
Good about Revenuhits
  • Many ad formats: display and rich media, pop-ups / unders, apps, widgets, XML feeds, CPA, CPM, shadow boxes, sliders, interstitial ads.
  • Good customer support
  • Great eCPM rates – If you use your pop under and interstitial ads, revenue can earn you good money.
  • Instant approval without any traffic
Bad about ravenhits

Poor eCPM rates for banner ads
Annoying and irrelevant ads – Most ads have a plain download or play button. it does not make sense. Traffic Requirements and Withdrawals

  • Minimum withdrawal limit: $ 20
  • Payment Term: Net-30
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement – None
  • Payment method: PayPal, wire transfer and payer.


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