Top 5 WhatsApp Secret Tricks in 2020

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New Top 5 WhatsApp Secret Tricks in 2020 which you need to know:

So Guys these days we all use whatsapp and whatsapp has become a very important part of our life because whatever we do nowadays, first of all we post it on whatsapp like if you went to roam somewhere, then you have photos of videos there Surely we post on whatsapp status, meaning if seen, whatsapp has become a very important part of our life today, so we must know about its secret tricks, and let me tell you Sector whatsapp is no basic tricks they should Triks an advance level who know the course so you must read the last for this post.
So Hello my name is Hossain Rahi and in this post today we will tell you about some very amazing Top 5 WhatsApp Secret Tricks in 2020 so that you will enjoy the fun of running whatsapp, then let’s start the song.
 top 5 WhatsApp Secret Tricks
 top 5 WhatsApp Secret Tricks

1. WhatsApp Dark Mode: –

Since the update of Android Pie, the system has started getting the option of dark mode but whatsapp has not yet got the option of dark mode but still you can tell me a trick in how you can use dark mode in whatsapp. It will be able to be possible.
  • Step 1: –
So you have to go to the setting of your mobile and go to the option about About Phone and click on the Build Number continuously for 7 to  8  times, this will enable the developer setting of your mobile.
  • Step 2: –
Now you have to open the developer option and there you will get a setting called Override Force-Dark and you have to click on it, just your whole phone will turn into dark mode.

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2. Anonymous WhatsApp Number: –

Now in this trick, we will tell you how you can message anyone from any other number without any number on whatsapp. Meaning you can message your friend from another country number.
For this, you have to download an app called 2ndLine-US PHONE
And to tell a special thing about this app, you can also call any friend from USA number.
  • Step 1: –
Download this app from playstore and then open it.
  • Step 2: –
In this, you have to sign in by entering any email ID, even if it is an incorrect email.
  • Step 3: –
Now you have to enter the area code 257, this will give you the USA number, now you have to select the number you like.
  • Step 4: –
Now you have to go to whatsapp and paste this number which you have just selected and you will get the verification code on this app and paste it, now your new whatsapp account has been created.

3. How To Download Anyone’s WhatsApp Status Without Using Any App: –

This trick has been of great use, now suppose that you like the status of a friend of yours and you want to apply it on your status and do not even want to ask him, then you have to follow this trick. Before that you have to enable the option of show hidden file by going to file manager.
  • Step 1: –
First of all, you have to see that story of your friend.
  • Step 2: –
Now you have to go to file manager of your mobile and search the folder named whatsapp.
  • Step 3: –
Now you have to go to the folder containing media and you will see a folder. Statuses to open it, you will find that status there.

4. How To See Anyone’s Status Without Know Them: –

This trick is about to set fire. This means that you can see whatsapp status of anyone without knowing it.
So you have to go to whatsapp and click on setting and go to privacy setting and deselect the option of Read Receipts. Now if you see the status of anyone, then they will not know.

5. Access WhatsApp File in Chrome Browser: –

With the help of this trick, you can access anyone’s whatsapp files online.
If someone has App Lock on whatsapp and file manager is also locked, then how can you access it with the help of chrome browser. So let’s start.
First of all, you have to open his mobile chrome browser and write there file: /// sdcard just by searching and now you can access his file manager.

Conclusion: –

So friends, this was just Top 5 WhatsApp Secret Tricks in 2020 which we told you, apart from this there are many tricks which I will tell you for which you should visit our website daily.
Hope you like this post.

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