Top 7 Way How to increase traffic to your website or blog

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Top 7 Way How to increase traffic to your website or blog:

Are you also anxious about your blog ? You have done everything but your blog traffic is not increasing, so do not stress at all because today we will tell you how to increase the traffic of any website or blog , so let’s start. 

Increasing the traffic of website or blog is very important because without traffic the site or any blog is like a waste. When you earn from that blog, then only you will be able to work on that blog and then your mind will also be focused on that blog, otherwise there is no use of working on that blog. 

Tips to increase website traffic:

increase website traffic
increase website traffic
increase website traffic 2020 the best 7 way that i will share with you buddy.

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  • Write Unique Content

Unless you write and publish your own unique content on the blog, it is impossible to bring or increase traffic on the blog. You have to put the original content only when the user will stay on your blog for some time when the content you have written will be liked by him or else, because there are more websites and blogs available on Google that publish good content from you.
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Google’s algorithm is also such that only the website or post whose content is optimized with unique and SEO will rank in the top. So if you also want to rank your blog or blog post above, then you also have to write good clean and unique content .  

  • Keyword Research

Real content since now it comes to keyword research of these SEO is the first and main way to get traffic around across on your site, how much good content to your site on more’m sorry, but unless you have the right keywords to use is not gonna Unless your blog traffic is going to increase.  
How hard you work on your site or write any long post , it is not of any use without keyword research .  Google will not rank it at all unless you do keyword research and write a post optimizing it.  
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  • Blog Speed ​​(website loading time)

This is the biggest reason for not increasing traffic on any site or blog . You can See the load time of your blog. There are many sites on Google for checking website load time, through which you can check the load time of your blog . 

The opening time of the website should be minimum, only then the user will be able to visit your site or else it will go on someone else’s blog. If your website wo n’t open soon

  • Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords helps search engines to understand the content of your post.  long  tail keywords means minimum 3 words need for long tail keywords. These keywords play an important role in sending traffic from Google to your site. Suppose I am currently searching for an article or post related to ” How to get huge traffic from internet ” on the Internet !
So I will not search on the Internet just by writing Website Traffic. Because there will be so accurate understanding of Google and Google or any other search engines too many results show increased so me how traffic to the website on Google they will search the text then Google with related posts to search at will .  

  • Use SEO Friendly URL (SEO Friendly URL)

This is also a good and appropriate way to increase traffic on the blog.  Seo Friendly URL   helps Google to understand what is written inside the post or the related information is explained. 
I have to let you know always your URL to shorten the use to . As well as your blog’s URL SEO friendly that even keywords are you’re targeting him always URL to use to .  

  • Attractive Meta Description (meta description)

If you are a blogger , then you probably know it well, that meta description is not so helpful in SEO but it helps in getting the user to your blog. Whenever a user can search the the Internet,

The word that we write in the meta description appears just below our title (what we search for), by reading it, the user understands what is written and explained in the post. So you also have to use a good meta description so that the user can be attracted . 
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  • Social Media (Social Media)

You will often hear Social media is very powerful, nothing in hours by social media or video viral can be. You also have to use social media to promote your blog and share your content or post on it. 
Right for less than this, but views and visitors will definitely come on your blog. If you want to take services of social media marketing, then call us – 01986501921
So friends, we hope to have it post your for profit will. If you us these posts like came to be so it shares do not forget to comment on the comment box to tell you our this post she was.   

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