What is Immune System? How is it related to Coronavirus?

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What is Immune System? How is it related to Coronavirus?

Immune System: Every moment every moment, thousands of bacteria, fungus and viruses attack on our body, to prevent it, our body has created an immune system, which we know as the disease immune system or immune system . 

Which is like an army or army in our body consisting of small soldiers, watchmen, inteligence, weapons and communication systems. Which keeps us sick, very sick and constantly from dying.

What is Immune System How is it related to Coronavirus
What is Immune System How is it related to Coronavirus

Immune System Functions:

For easy understanding, we can assume that our immune system has 11 different types of functions –
  • Cause-inflammation
  • Strategic Decisions
  • Kills Enemy (ending virus)
  • Activate other cells (activating other cells)
  • Remember Enemies (Remembering Enemies)
  • Standby mode (support)
  • Produce Antibodies (Producing Antibodies)
  • Locate Foreign Bodies (Detection of foreign bodies)
  • Fight Worms (Fighting insects)
  • Kill Infected Cells (Destroying Infected Cells)
  • Mark / Disable Enemies (disable enemy by marking)

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In which there are 21 different cells and these cells have 4 different functions. So let’s know what those tasks are-
  • Kill Enemies (Virus Killing)
  • Cause Inflammation (swelling)
  • Communicate (communicate)
  • Activate Cells (Activating cells)

What happens when an infection occurs:

Suppose that someday your finger gets hurt by an old rusty pointed nail and the blood starts flowing, that is, the first layer of the defense system has been penetrated and nepa bacteria will enter your body, redeeming this opportunity. 
Huh. And using your body’s resources, you start doubling your population every 20 minutes.
When the number of these bacteria increases significantly, they start affecting the things around them, causing harm to the body. Because of which our immune system immediately needs to think its solution. 

That is why the first macrophage ie macrophage is activated, which can also be called guard cells.

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Guard cells are very large cells which are present everywhere in the body. Most of the time they are able to protect themselves from any virus or bacteria because they swallow the virus or bacteria and eliminate them.
Apart from this, they issue instructions to release blood cells to the blood to protect the damaged part which we feel as swelling in that part.
When macrophage cells start to weaken, they release messanger proteins which are a type of emergency location signal to alert bacteria to neutrophils present in our blood / blood to fight bacteria. Takes a call. 
The neutrophils fight in such a deadly manner that they also kill some healthy cells in the process.
At the same time, these traps trap bacteria and kill the bacteria. But if the bacteria still remain, then another process of the immune system starts called dendritic cell which starts collecting samples of bacteria. In which it slices the bacteria and engages on its outer layer.
Then the dendritic cell assesses whether to call antivirus cells or antibacteria cells. In this anecdote, antibacterial cells will be called, for which the dendritic cell starts traveling from its place to the nearest lymph note / small lymph gland, which is completed in a day.
There are thousands of helper and killer T-Cells waiting to be activated. While the dendritic cell rotates in search of a helper T-cell that matches pieces of bacteria in the outer layer of the dendritic cell.
When that helper T-Cell is found, a chain reaction starts in which T-Cell starts making thousands of copies of itself, some of which become memory T-Cells, which remain in the limph node itself. 
So that any such disease in future can be dealt with immediately.
Some of these helper T-Cells go to fight with bacteria while a detachment goes to the center of the limph note to launch a very powerful weapon. Which are called B-Cells. 
When the same type of B-Cell and T-Cell are found, B-Cells start increasing their numbers very quickly and immediately start making a deadly substance.

They work so much that their condition becomes like dying of fatigue, where helper T-Cells play another role and stimulate B-Cells so that B-Cells do not kill quickly. But the B-Cells that make weapons are called Antibodies.
Antibodies are small protiens that bind themselves to the outer layer of bacteria. Antibodies are found in blood in thousands. 
By then, the position of the place of infection starts to deteriorate because the cells that were still fighting become tired, then the helper T-Cell helps them but without help they cannot defeat the bacteria.

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Therefore, antibodies in the area of ​​billions start reaching the place of infection and start destroying the bacteria, because the texture of antibodies is such that they can bind the surface of bacteria, whereas the macrophage bacteria which antibodies hold. 

If kept, it is very capable to kill and just from here the situation starts to reverse and bacteria is defeated by the army of our immune system.
The rest of the cells who were involved in the fight commit suicide so that the resources of the body can be saved. 

If alive, just Memory Helper T-Cells and Memory B-Cells, so that if these bacteria ever enter the body again in future, then they will not have any problem in killing it and without knowing this T / B- Cells will eliminate bacteria in a pinch.
Friends, this was an easy way to understand our immune system, but our immune system is many times more complicated and capable of fighting any virus or bacteria. Hope you liked this post today.

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